Change Color For One Line?

Hello Everone

i have C# Chat Code :

		scrollPosition = GUILayout.BeginScrollView(scrollPosition, 
		                                           GUILayout.Width(windowWidth - padding),
		                                           GUILayout.Height(windowHeight - padding - 5));
	myStyle.normal.textColor = CurrentCollor;


and i send chat with this RPC

	void SendMessageToEveryone (string message, string pName, string MTeam)

		communication =  "[" + MTeam + "] [" + pName + "] : " + message + "

" + communication;
CurrentCollor = MyTeamColor;

the problem that If “MyTeamColor” = Red
all that Chat will be Red

and if its Blue, all My Chat Will Be Blue

How To Change only The New Line

Why, simply call GUI.color = myTeamColor before each line of text!

GUI.color = CurrentColor;   // It's spelled 'color' if en-US, 'colour' if en-GB...

In your RPC, make sure that the color being assigned matches the team that is sending, however! You may want your script to know that if the team’s name is ‘Team A’, use #FF0000, but if the team’s name is ‘Team B’, use #0000FF instead. If no team is specified, default to #FFFFFF.