Change Computer

How can i change a Unity License to another computer? Can i just uninstall and install again?

Diogo Barbosa

From Activation FAQs:

I need to migrate Unity from one machine to another. What do I need to do? Firstly, uninstall Unity from your “old” machine. Then contact support asking for assistance with migration. If you are mid-way through a critical period in your game development, please plan carefully for this migration. In addition to moving your project from your old machine to your new one, re-installing applications and so on, plan ahead for contacting support. Bear in mind that you can use Unity on two machines, so there should be no time when you are unable to continue development. The email will need to include the following:

The Serial number you are using
The name of the machine you are migrating from
The name of the machine you are migrating to
The name of the individual the Serial has been assigned to  

You can also just go help>manage license>return license. Then use the same key on your new machine.