Change dynamicaly a PNG used in a motion

Hi everyone,

I have an enemy with a specific animator and few motions with 2D sprites. I want to have the same enemy with different colors (so duplicated PNGs with other colors), but the only way I see is to duplicate all the motions and set them again and again.
So is there a way to switch at runtime the PNGs used (or better the folder), as we can do in HTML5 ? (I can’t use a simple tint on the material, cause I don’t want to modify the skin color, only the clothes)

Thanks in advance.

PS : sorry for my bad english.

It seems I can’t attach a unitypackage file here so I’ve put it up on my dropbox. Please download the file and import it in your project. It contains a shader, 2 sprites and a demo scene. Let me know if you can’t figure out how to make it work.