Change emission intensity


So, i’m making a funfair light system with a emission material script.
I want to increase the emission intesity just like in the inspector, but i’m not sure on how to this.

My script at the moment is this

GetComponent<Renderer>().sharedMaterials[1].SetColor("_EmissionColor", new Color(2.55f, 0f, 2.55f, 1f));

Any help would be appreciated!

what i did was set the intensity to the brightness i wanted it to be at max in the inspector then make a script to adjust the alpha of the intensity.
this itself adjusts the intensity based on 0 being no emission and 1 being the max intensity you set in the inspector.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collecitons.Generic;
using System.Collecitons;

    public class thisclass : monoBehavior{
    public Material mat;

public Renderer rend;
    void Start(){

 rend = GetComponent<Renderer>();

    mat = rend.SharedMaterial[1];
    mat.SetColor("_EmissionColor", new Color(2.55f,0f,2.55f,0.3f)) // set the starting color to a low alpha 
    public void Update(){
    if (somthinghappends)
    mat.SetColor("_EmissionColor", new Color(2.55f,0f,2.55f,1f)) // make the alpha max.