Change Facing Direction

I have a model that needs to have its facing direction changed by 90 degrees counter-clock wise. Is there a way to do that in Unity?

I assume you mean the model is oriented incorrectly.

In that case, create an empty GameObject, and parent it to your model. Then rotate your model so that it is oriented correctly in the parent object.

Then for all your motion and calculations, use the parent instead of your model.

Ofcourse there is:

I guess my question is a little vague. What I mean is that my model currently doesn't face forward. When I apply the built in 3rd Person Camera scripts, the model's "forward direction" is actually its side. I tried simply rotating it, but the built in script uses its facing direction. I need to actually change which way Unity thinks the model. Unity thinks my model's Y direction is up instead of Z being up.

look at this question ben: 3th Person Character Facing wrong direction