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Hi everyone, my name is Minh, I'm currently a web developer preparing to switch to making games, after installing Unity Hub, I was asked to download the Unity version folder, but the drive to save the folder is the drive. plate. . C: while my C: drive is running low on space, is there a way to change the Unity instance folder to another drive ?

Because I use google translate to translate from Vietnamese to English, there may be grammatical errors, hope everyone understands


You can change the install location for Unity Editors by doing this:

  • Inside the Hub, click the cog wheel icon in the top right corner to open the Preferences.
  • Under General, change the "Unity Editors Path" in the "Unity Editors Folder" field to something more appropriate.


  • You can change the path at any time. However, existing Editor installations won't change to that new path automatically - meaning: you will need to uninstall and install the respective Editor again.
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Thanks, I will try

Move the folder(s) from Unity/Hub/Editor to the desired location
In Unity Hub, go to Installs/Locate and locate the Unity.exe files into each Editor folder previously moved

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