Change fonts from within single Text object?

Is there a way for me to change fonts while in the same Text object? This way I can keep sprite glyphs a secondary font and switch to them when I need them.

alt text

You can change just the text by using " Some Text ".

Here is an example using the GUI label:

GUI.Label(Rect(10,10, 100, 50),"<size=20>Text</size>");

EDIT: Well good thing I added the example because the whole “<”“size=20"”>" thing doesn’t show up lol.

Hey there,

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a nativ way to do this with UnityEngine.UI Most of the code driving the creation of the text is written in C++ which you have no access too and it does not take in two font materials. There is a very round about and hack way to get a max of two fonts but it requires a lot of work.