change game character/controller when inside box - RFPSP

hello everyone, what i need help with is seting up a boat with Relistic fps prefab and a boat controler that i already have setup, so what i need is for the player to walk up to the sering weel of the boat were there would be a triged colider that they would stand in then press a button (F) and they would be controling the boat and the RFPSP would be deactivated till they press the buttion again, i don’t need the RFPSP to disappear or anything just for the player to stop contoling it, if anyone has any clue were i can find a turorial or if somone has a old script hanging aroud than that would be awesom, Thankyou everyone

The easiest solution is to do something along the lines of:

Player Game Object.
– Normal FPS script.
– Boat Driving Script.

When in Normal FPS mode, and you meet the collider. Enable “CanDriveBoat” bool.

If (CanDriveBoat && Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F)) […]

Disable the FPS script entirely, or add a block around your normal fps stuff, like:

If (!IsDrivingBoat) {
// Do Normal FPS stuff here

You can even just disable the NormalFPS script, and then enable the boat driving script.

In the boat driving script, look for Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F) again, and reenable FPS script, and disable boat.

Blah blah, but hopefully you get the picture.