Change graphics using keyboard

How do i change the graphics settings of a project by using the keyboard? Something like: U for Ultra, H for high M for medium and L for low.

I am making a city 3D simulation and i need to show it next week. The problem is that as the city unfortunately have almost a state’s size, i didn’t have much time to test it in another computers, so i am kinda out of time and it would be a shame if the simulation didn’t work as planned…

Can someone help me? I don’t have much time. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me though =)

I assume you know how to check for key presses.


I guess you are talking about “QualitySettings”. To change quality settings with the keboard, you need to write a script that changes quality settings when a key is pressed.

This is the documentation to change QualitySettings.

This is the documentation for getting the keyboard event

This is the documentation to configure your own input keys