change Gui.Button size on mouse over

I have Gui.Button and I want to change size (change width or height or both) when mouse is overed on this button… Can I do this?

Here is an one way to change the size:

#pragma strict

private var smallerRect = Rect(20,20,100,50);
private var biggerRect = Rect(15,15,110,60);

function OnGUI() {
	var rect = smallerRect;
	if (smallerRect.Contains(Event.current.mousePosition))
		rect = biggerRect;
	if (GUI.Button(rect, "Some Text")) {
		Debug.Log("Button pressed");

The values of the ‘biggerRect’ determine how the button is scaled. Note this will not increase the font size. So if you want to font to increase as well, you’ll have to some work with GUIStyles.