Change Health of a duplicated enemeis

i have a lot of enemies, that are duplicates from each other.
(Enemy1, Enemy2, Enemy3…)

and i have a script that selects the nearest enemy as target.
and i have an attack script that deals damage to the enemy:
AIEnemyHealth.CurHealth -=15;
(AIEnemyHealth is the health script for the enemy)

here is the problem:
i can only attack the original enemy, not the duplicates.
and if i attack the original enemy, all 3 health bars show damage.

i guess i need to make the target select script the attack script what target is selected,
and then only change the targets CurHealth.

but i have no idea how to do that.

everything is in c#!

Is the enemy health a static variable?

You could try something like this (in JS)

enemy.js attached to the enemy prefab:

private var health : float;

public function doDamage(d : float)
  health -= d;

This way when the bullet or whatever hits the enemy prefab, you call this function, dealing the damage to the health.

Hope this helps