Change height (thickness) of slider bar

Searched high and low and experiments for several hours with no success. Maybe it cannot be done.

This control functions perfectly correct. But I cannot get it to display properly.

sliderVal = GUI.HorizontalSlider(Rect(0,0,400,32),sliderVal,0.1,2.0);

I have made custom 32x32 background image for the slider bar itself. It has some rounded corners (6px radius), so in the GUI skin I have set all four Borders to 6. This is correct, because according to the documentation:

“Number of pixels on each side of the Background image that are not affected by the scale of the Control’ shape”
source:Unity - Manual: GUI Style (IMGUI System)

However, at runtime the slider bar appears stretched and aliased. It also is not the proper height of 32 pixels - it’s something less, about 11 pixels.

Margins and paddings are all set to zero.

Is it impossible to increase the “height” of the slider bar, or is the documentation just lacking some key information?

quick edit: Also, the height in my Rect is set to 32…but it doesn’t matter. It could be 2, or 2000. The bar still draws with a height of ~11 pixels.

Have you tried adjusting the Fixed Height of the GUISkin? It has a value of 12 by default, which is close to your reported 11 pixels

I was looking for this too, I know this is a old post, but I´ll write it if anyone else out there is looking for it!

You have to check stretch height on your gui skin: