change icon android apk with apktool

I was planning to change the icon of my game for android no longer having the project of unity. I have the apk file. I have followed several guides on using apktool but my folder is in contrast to the guides so: name apk —> smali and XML file —> unity player. Have something to advise or correct some guidance? thanks

I’m new to this. Here is a hack that could potentially help you.

-download apk editor on play store, try like 2 or 3 if one doesn’t work

-directly edit the apk on your phone

-go into res folder, then into each of the mipmap or drawables folders

-you will see your icon and you can change it to your own picture if you have the new png file or whatever on our android

-replace the image with your own and name it the same thing, should be “app_icon”