Change Input In Game

How do i give the user the option to change things like the sensitivity of a camera. I am using the standard first peroson controller prefab and would like to know how to let the user change the sensitivity and controlls in game.

Please and thank you.

By “sensitivity of a camera” I assume you mean stuff like mouse sensitivity, i.e. how fast does the camera rotate as a function of mouse movement when looking around?

To change that, you need to look through the script you’re using, and when I say “look through” I don’t mean “have a casual glance”, I mean you need to really study it. Go through it bit by bit and figure out what it does to the camera as a result of various keyboard/mouse input. When you understand that, it’s going to come to you naturally that movement speed/sensitivity is governed by values multiplied onto the direction that, say, the mouse, moved in, and that changing those values causes the camera to look around quicker.

As for giving the user the ability to change these things ingame, you have to implement a user interface with controls that affect aforementioned values when they’re used. Unity’s GUI system comes with a wide variety that will serve your purpose just fine. Have a look at:

For something like mouse sensitivity, the control could be a horizontal slider (GUI.HorizontalSlider).