Change Input manager settings from in-game?

Is it currently possible to change Input Manger’s settings like Gravity, Dead, Snap in any way without the Unity editor? Either in-game (script) or via configuration dialog on launch?

If I use the custom Input Manger classes available online, then these settings would not be available to me, is that right?

I do not think you can programatically change these settings. I have read about people writing their own “processor” classes for the raw data comping out of the controller and basically bypassing those settings in the input manager.

If you’re interesting in doing that you would want to check this out.

I can’t speak for other managers, but I built CustomInput specifically because (among other reasons) at the time there was nothing else that allowed changing dead zone or sensitivity in-game.

CI does just use GetAxis/GetAxisRaw behind the scenes, where it keeps track of its own deadzone and sensitivity, because, to answer your question, yes, it’s impossible to change any element of the InputManager at runtime.

Try this maybe… (I haven’t used it… though it claims to do useful things).