Change InvokeRepeating in another script

My problem is that I use this script in ‘Script_01’;

var ScoreSkin:GUISkin;
static var s1lvl1Score: int;
InvokeRepeating("Add",0, 0.1);

function Add() {
	 s1lvl1Score += 1;

function OnGUI(){ = ScoreSkin;
    GUI.Box(Rect(Screen.width*0.475,Screen.height*0.9,200,35), s1lvl1Score.ToString());
    GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width*0.375,Screen.height*0.9,200, 35), "SCORE :");

Now I want to change in ‘Script_02’ the InvokeRepeating of ‘Script_02’.

This is my script in ‘Script_02’;

function OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider){
	if (other.gameObject.CompareTag("CharTag")) {
              //(CHANGE THE InvokeRepeating of 'Script_01'..)//
              //into InvokeRepeating("Add",0, 0);//

Someone who can help me please? :smiley:


Please someone help

You might want to look into CancelInvoke:

You could create two methods inside script01, one that will start the invoke and another to stop it.

One important thing to note, if you want to invoke the same method again but with different parameters to make sure you first cancel the old one, otherwise you will have two running at the same time.

In the start invoke method you can then pass in the parameters you want to change and call this from Script02.

Let me know if this helps.