Change Music When GameObject is Grabbed?

Hello again for the 1000th time awesome people of Unity Answers, I have a question as always. I managed to get my music to changed to a different track when I grab a certain gameobject, however when I grab the gameobject again it changes back to the first music track. My question is, how can I stop it from changing back to the first track, and instead just restart the second track over? Example: Track 1 plays, grabs gameobject, Track 2 plays for 10 seconds, grabs the gameobject again, Track 2 replays starting at 0 seconds(the beginning). Here’s my music and how it changes so far:

public float defaultSpeed = 5f;
public float maxSpeed = 10f;

public AudioClip[] songs;
AudioSource audio;

public float coeffSpeedUp = 5f;
public float coeffSpeedUpTime = 5f;

// Use this for initialization
	void Start ()

		audio = GetComponent<AudioSource> ();

		audio.clip = songs [0];
		audio.Play ();

public void SpeedUp()
		Debug.Log( "SpeedUp()" );
		// Speed up the player
		speed = defaultSpeed * coeffSpeedUp;

		audio.Stop (); //pauses the Track 1
		audio.clip = songs [1]; //gets the Track 2
		audio.Play (); // plays Track 2
		CancelInvoke ("EndSpeedUp"); // in case the method has already been invoked
		Invoke ("EndSpeedUp", coeffSpeedUpTime = 5 );


void EndSpeedUp()
		//Changes how fast the player goes
		Debug.Log ("ending");
		speed = defaultSpeed; // back to normal
		renderer.material.color = Color.white;
		audio.Stop (); //stops the Track 2
		audio.clip = songs [0]; //Gets the Track 1
		audio.Play (); //Plays Track 1

I call the function SpeedUp() by using this script(note that this script is the gameobject I grab):
As for the EndSpeedUp() function, it’s called 5 seconds after the SpeedUp function.

I know inefficient code, don’t judge me. Anyways thanks for reading and your time.

you just need an other check thats all somthing like

 if ( speedUpSound == true )
/// change sount track here
speedIpSound = false;