Change of location to move a first person controler

hi i am doing a project for university where i have to have a static first person controller and move it from one position on the map with the click of the right mouse button. this is the code that i have at the moment.

var CurrentPosition : String = “spawn1”;


function Update() ;{

	if(CurrentPosition == "spawn1");}


else Transform.Postion (-10.37832,-8.181992,-25.7733);

that code is just bizarre but whatever where do you want to move it to? those positions?

you have a position which should be a vector3 shown as a string, you have an oddly specific coordinates to move to. but whatever.

anyways your code should be something like.

void Update(){
    transform.position = new vector3(-10.37832,-8.181992,-25.7733);


bear in mind thats in C# not JS so for example

void update
should be
function update

other than that this is of course not a homework site. But im feeling generous and all that.