Change of Scenes


I would like to make a text(New Game) change to a new scene. My scene I would like it to send me too is called Character Generation. What would be a script to be able to do this. I don’t mind Java Script of C#… Although most of my scripts are C#, I would just like to know the script and how to apply it. Also if you don’t mind can you put in there a way for me to make it fade black then fade into the new scene. Thanks! Oh and could you tell me which type of script your using?

As far as I understand you want a script that changes the scene of your game, correct? If so then it’s pretty easy.

First make sure that both scenes are in your build (Go to File > Build Settings… > and then drag and drop your scenes into the top box).

Then open your script and use the following statement.


Hope this helped :slight_smile: