change one object into another, and then back again

For example, I would like to change a cube into a sphere, then change that sphere into a capsule, by pressing the up arrow. I would also like to be able to change in the other direction. Change the capsule into a sphere, then change the sphere into a cube, by pressing the down arrow. It would be great if i could add extra objects in, say a pyramid etc.

Ultimately i would want to do this with a seed, sapling, and tree. Each with there own properties.

Hello @McStag

Ther is no way to “transform a mesh” into another. What you need to do is to have all of them at the correct position, and activate/disable each when ois necessary.

I think best option is to have a emptyobject, and all the objects as a child of this emptyobject.

Then by scripting, use the command SetActive(true) or (false) when is necessary.