Change parent then the scale will change ?

hi, I have a cube(scale is not Vector3.One).
to translate together, i set the player.parent = cube.transform.
when I add rigidbody to the cube, the scale of palyer changed.
I want to know why and how can I solve this problem.

I presume the cube is the parent and the player is the child.
Have you tried applying the rigidbody first and then rescaling/tranlating your objects?

I just tested this issue with a cube (the parent) and a capsule (as player)(as child of the cube) like you explained. Then I rescaled and translated the cube. Both cube an player did move and scale perfectly fine for me. Even when I applied a rigidbody on the cube, everything still functioned as it should.

Maybe you could post some code that might cause this? Or an image or two that shows your problem?