Change particles behaviour

Hey, is there a way to make the particles not “looking at the camera” while the camera is moving ?

You will understand from the pictures.

Take a look at the RenderMode option in the Renderer section of your particle system:

Billboard orients in any direction to face the camera.

Stretched Billboard orients one axis along the particle’s velocity vector, and the particle spins on that axis to face the camera.

Horizontal Billboard and Vertical Billboard each pivot the particle around the vertical axis to face the camera, either laying flat or standing upright.

Mesh spawns a mesh per-particle (you can use a Quad to keep the normal particle look) and doesn’t perform any billboarding: the orientation matches the particle system’s coordinate system (local or world)

It sounds like you want Mesh mode, but without knowing the exact effect you want to create it’s hard to know for sure.

Yeah there is a way… Just Click at the Particles/Renderer/RenderMode=Mesh, Mesh=Plane…