Change particles per burst from code

I have a prefab that was already tuned to have the needed shuriken particle, It uses bursts. But depending on the situation I need to change the amount of particles per burst. Is that possible to do from the code? (Without firing bursts themselves from the code)


Grab the read-only reference so you can set its values:

    ParticleSystem ps = GetComponent <ParticleSystem> ();
    ParticleSystem.EmissionModule em = ps.emission;

Set its type to Time:

em.type = ParticleSystemEmissionType.Time;

Call the SetBursts () method:

em.SetBursts (
             new ParticleSystem.Burst [] {
                 new ParticleSystem.Burst (2.0f, 100),
                 new ParticleSystem.Burst (4.0f, 100)

Note: If the prefab specifies a min & max particle amount instead of a constant, you can pass in a third argument like below (Here, 100 is the min, 200 is the max):

new ParticleSystem.Burst (2.0f, 100, 200)

Full Code snippet here: ParticleSystem.emission


i think you can control it from emissionrate in shuriken.