Change player position from saved position in file

So i use script like this to save player position from previous scene

void Writefile() {
	X = target.transform.position.x;
	Y = target.transform.position.y;
	string path = "Assets/PlayerPos.txt";
	StreamWriter save = new StreamWriter (path);
	save.WriteLine (X);
	save.WriteLine (Y);
	save.Close ();


and then i attach load script to empty object in another scene to read & load the saved position in file

void readFile() {
	string path = "Assets/PlayerPos.txt";
	StreamReader read = new StreamReader (path);
	X = read.ReadLine();
	Y = read.ReadLine();
	posX = float.Parse(X);
	posY = float.Parse(Y);
	Debug.Log (posX);
	Debug.Log (posY);

void ChangePos(){
	target.transform.position = new Vector2 (posX, posY);


Even though that the position from previous scene already written in the file but when i moved to another and want to load the saved position the player position didnt change to the same position from previous scene. is there something wrong with my code? i’m new to C# so sorry if my code look like a mess or inefficient

@Izkale Does the Debug.Log print out the correct x and y position in the readfile function? Where is the ChangePos function called to actually change the position? I learned to save and load data in Unity it was common to use Serialization.