Change prefab before instantiation

Is it possible (or sensible) to change a "prefab" in a script before passing it to instantiate?

For example, something like the following:

// assigned in the editor
var prefab : GameObject;

function Start() {
    prefab.GetComponent(FooComponent).ownerObject = this.gameObject;

function Foo() {
    var newObject : GameObject = Instantiate(prefab,, Quaternion.identity);

    // now don't have to do this - a saving if instantiating many objects of this type
    //newObject.GetComponent(FooComponent).ownerObject = this.gameObject;

I tried this with Network.Instantiate, and it broke horribly and silently (at which I'm not surprised). Now I'm wondering if this would work with the standard Instantiate function?

It does work, but it has the consequence that the altered Prefab will remain changed when you leave play mode. You're literally altering the Prefab, so the changes persist beyond runtime.