Change properties of a GameObject

i’m very noob in Unity and the last 3 hours get me crazy about learn how to change properties of a GameObject through script.

This is the very simple case:
I have a Text put in the middle of the screen through Create → GUI → Text

How I can change his value from a script?

I suppose to do something similar:

 test = GameObject.Find("TestObject");
 test.text = "Ciao"

Can someone help me understand why i can’t find no one talking about this?
I’m not interesting in answer with GUILayout.Label("Ciao") because i’m looking for edit a graphically created Object.

Many thanks!

Found myself a solution.
Maybe can help someone.


GameObject test = GameObject.Find("TestObject");
Text testValue = test.GetComponentInChildren<Text> ();
testValue.text = "Ciao"