Change ProvisioningStyle by script to Manual when building iOS with CI and XCode8

Is there a way to change the “ProvisioningStyle” field inside the generated XCode project by script to “Manual”? We are using Jenkins as our CI pipeline. But since XCode8 was released we are not able to use the XCode command line to sign IPAs using the XCode integration in Jenkins, as XCode8 has automatic signing activated by default. Automatic does not work for us, as we build applications for store and AdHoc by changing the provisioning profile during CI builds. It would be nice to do this by using the PBXProject class from Unity in a postprocess step. Thanks.

This was fixed in Version 5.4.3p1 of Unity. Manual signing works as expected. You can specify the provisioning profile in the player settings now. Additionally the provisioning profile has to be installed on the build machine for this to work.

Hi, you can use XUPorter to modify the PBXProject, here is my solution.