change scene immediately after video

I am playing a video at start of my game using guitexture:

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//the GUI texture
private var videoGUItex:GUITexture;
//the Movie texture
private var mTex:MovieTexture;
//the AudioSource
private var movieAS:AudioSource;
//the movie name inside the resources folder
public var movieName:String;

@script RequireComponent(GUITexture)
@script RequireComponent(AudioSource)

function Awake()
	//get the attached GUITexture
	videoGUItex = this.GetComponent(GUITexture);
	//get the attached AudioSource
	movieAS = this.GetComponent(AudioSource);
	//load the movie texture from the resources folder
	mTex = Resources.Load(movieName);
	//set the AudioSource clip to be the same as the movie texture audio clip
	movieAS.clip = mTex.audioClip;
	//fullscreen with vertical borders
	var newWidth:float = -(Screen.width-(Screen.height*(mTex.width/parseFloat(mTex.height))));
	var xOffset:float = (Screen.width - newWidth)/2;
	videoGUItex.pixelInset = new Rect(xOffset, -Screen.height/2,newWidth,0);

//On Script Start
function Start()
	//set the videoGUItex.texture to be the same as mTex
	videoGUItex.texture = mTex;
	//Plays the movie
	//plays the audio from the movie

how do i tell unity to change scenes when the video ends so i can get to my main menu?

You can check the movie play state with mTex.isPlaying().
Returns a boolean wether the movie is playing or not.

So maybe you can check in the Update() method, the movie state and change the scene when isPlaying is false.

Greetings, Strece