change scene on trigger without merging scenes


Whenever I try to change scenes after hitting a trigger the new scenes and seems to ‘merge’ with the scene already open (values from scripts, gameobjects continue to be visible).
After loading the second scene, I see objects ‘mixed’ with the previous scene which are not present in the hierarchy… I have tried experimenting with

void OnTriggerEnter (Collider trigger)
SceneManager.LoadScene (“Level_02”);


I am basically looking for a way to loadScenes ‘cleanly’ without inheriting elements of the previous scene after trigger.

Many thanks in advance

If you are ‘inheriting values’ from the previous scene you must be using:


Find and remove those funciton calls

Hi. Check if you have static links to objects on first scene. If so, set it to null on destroy.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, that is not case. I’m not using DontDestroyOnLoad.
The scenes seem to overlap (for instance, the cameraview remains fixed on the last image before loading the next scene, and continues to display that image in the next scene,…)

Thanks for all the suggestions!