Change scene with keypress+specific location

Hi guys… I managed to write a script which loads the next scene/level with a key press (e.g. F). I want to add something that will do so ONLY when the player is at a specific location. So F press and right location can move the player to the next level. Any idea on how to approach that?

The easiest way is to attach that script to a trigger object in the scene. Instead of checking the key inside Update you would use OnTriggerStay which is also called every frame while a rigidbody is intersecting with the trigger. Inside that callback you can check that the object that intersects with the trigger is the player and then just check for the keypress and load the level.

The script would be quite short and you could still make most things configurable through public variables (level name or index, objects tag name that is allowed to trigger the level change, maybe even the KeyCode / Button name that should activate the level load)

im an absolute beginner and there’s probably better ways to do this but you could probably create an invisble cube with a trigger collider, tag it and check for it.
it could probably look something like this:

void OnCollisionStay(Collision other) {

		if (other.gameObject.tag == "thatPlaceWhereThePlayerNeedsToBe" && Input.GetKey(KeyCode.F)){

			//Do scene loading stuff


hope this helps!