Change Scene with Physics Raycasting

Hi, I’m completely new to Unity, and need help changing scene. Also I’m using c#.

I’m using the google cardboard sdk, and have physics recasting attached to the main head camera. I have a box collider attached to the object I want to click.

What I want to happen, is that when I click the object, a new scene will load. I tried to work it out by editing code I found on this forum but so far I haven’t had any success.

This what I currently have.


Right now, the raycast hit does not have any value to it. To add value, you need to do a raycast in an if statement. It should look something like this:
If (physics.raycast (//your position here, //your rotation here, out hit)){
If (hit.collider.isTrigger){
//the rest of the code here