Change SceneView Size to Specific Values

I want to set up my scene so that it fits perfectly for a particular build (960x600 for webplayer in this instance). So I want my SceneView to be 960x600. In the game view, I can just use the option in the top left, but there is no such option for the Scene View.

How can I set up my scene view in a way that I can perfectly align my scene for a particular device, such as by changing the window to a 960x600 aspect ratio?

After playing with it for an hour, I find the answer 30 seconds after posting my question…of course :slight_smile: Put scene view and game view in the same window, then adjust the game view to the appropriate size. Then just switch over the the scene view without resizing the window.

I will leave this question open though in case someone can provide a less hacky answer.