Change Screen Resoltion in Unity HTML

How would I get and change the screen resolution for a Unity Webplayer using HTML?

div#unityPlayer {									
    cursor: default;
	    height: 400px;
	    width: 600px;

Because not all users will have the same screen resolution, I would find this to be usual in producing a webplayer that all users will be comfortable with.

There may be an easier way, but you could certainly detect the window size (and any changes) and use SendMessage to tell Unity to change resolutions. That said, I’m sure I have some code that does this, but it’s at work, so would have to post Monday.

change 400px and 600px to 100% and 100%

for it to work properly in firefox you have to also specify a height of 100% for the html element as well.

(at least you used to)