change Scripting Backend from default to IL2CPP

Hello guys I need a support… I’m trying to build a project in Webgl… For which I need the Scripting Backend to be set to IL2CPP… But when trying to change, I find the Scripting Backend set to “default” and disabled… can anyone let know how to change from “default” to “IL2CPP”??

The WebGL platform only works with the IL2CPP scripting backend. So the “default” setting in this case is IL2CPP.

What is the default scripting backend for WEBGL? I’m pretty sure it should be mono but unity may have set the default to IL2CPP for you. Where is it telling you to change the scripting backend? If in doubt try updating the engine as that has fixed many issues for me in the past! Hope you find a solution to your problem!

I can’t change the scripting backend in Unity 2019.4.12f1 as it is disabled and set to Mono. How to go about this? @JoshPeterson @Wockinine