Change size and style of default Arial font

I want to change the size and style of default Arial font.
I understand this is possible by duplicating font and reimporting it.
The question is: where I can to find this font? Looks not be in Standard Package, looks not be Arial system font, even looks not be a .ttf font; it just appear as ‘Arial’ on Unity Editor.


In fact, my purpose is to use default Unity font (but applying custom sizes and styles) in combining various languages like latin1+japanese under Android.
The only font working perfectly for me on this goal is default Arial provided by Unity. Any other font I tried to import it’s not working as expected, all tips about unicode/dynamic etc working only for specific language. So that, if this is possible, I want to change the properties of default font, keeping it advantage regarding rendering multiple languages.

Thank you very much.

I just ran into this, and here is how you load the Arial font built into Unity:

Font font = Resources.GetBuiltinResource<Font>("Arial.ttf");

You will probably want to clone the font before doing anything with it though:

Font clonedFont = (Font)Object.Instantiate(font);

On a Windows pc, you can find your system’s default fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts.
The “Arial” font can be found there, so you can copy this into your project and adjust the import settings.

You can also find a lot of free fonts on the internet… is a website which I use a lot.