Change spawn position, even when changing scene

My game is a 2d game. Imagine there is two doors. You press e at one of them and the scem changes. In the new scene if your press e at the door, the other scene loads. But you dont spawn in front of the door you just came out of.

Is it possibly to save a spawn point in a scene, change to a other scene and then back to the scene again and you will spawn at that spawn point or will it all reset?

If so how do i do it? I have a collider at the door with this script:

#pragma strict

var text = "";
var e = false;
var key = "e";
var loadScene = "";

function Start () {


function Update () 
GetComponent(TextMesh).text = text;

if( e == true) {

if(Input.GetKey(key)) {

function OnTriggerEnter2D (other: Collider2D) {
if(other.gameObject.tag == "Player") {

gameObject.GetComponent(MeshRenderer).enabled = true;

e = true;
 function OnTriggerExit2D (other: Collider2D)
if(other.gameObject.tag == "Player")
gameObject.GetComponent(MeshRenderer).enabled = false;
e = false;


How can i change the spawn point at OnTriggerEnter, to the position the trigger collider is in?

Maby you must make static variable that save the spawn point and when you return just spwan on the point that you have stored early

You can use PlayerPrefs to store the position.

PlayerPrefs.SetFloat("SceneXLocationX", transform.position.x);

//Optionally, you can set the position of y likewise

When loading the scene, you can check if there is a saved position with PlayerPrefs.HasKey. If not, the player spawns at default position.

Hope this helps.