Change specular intensity

Would it be possible to expose settings to change the specular lighting intensity? By default it's a bit too intense on some materials in my case, and unfortunately I cannot disable it per material. It's possible to disable it per light though, but unfortunately there is no way to change the specular intensity (and actually I don't want to disable it, just lower the intensity).

The LightData structs in the LightLoop already have a specularDimmer field, but currently there is no such setting in HDAdditionalLightData...

The FrameSettings even have a "specularGlobalDimmer" property (which is also used in the LightLoop), but it's internal and has no setter. I've modified the HDRP package and set this to a lower value than 1, which provided a much better overall result in my particular case, but it would be awesome if the global dimmer value was accessible from outside.

It would be even better if the HDAdditionalLightData would also get a dimmer value for specular lighting (so we can change the specular intensity per light), but in my case an accessible global dimmer value would be sufficient (especially since it's already there, just not exposed) :smile:

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Even I have been searching for this, the workaround I used was to set one light to only affect diffuse and add another light that only affects specular, but as you can guess it tanks my performance in bigger (forest) scenes (especially when shadows are needed).