Change text color to texture?

How can I set a piece of text so that instead of it being a solid color (such as black) to instead use the texture of an image as a sort of mask/overlay that the text is colored with? I have a black paint image and want to make it seem like the text is written in black paint.

To create the effect of text written in black paint, you can use a texture that has the appearance of black paint and apply it to the text object in Unity. Here are the steps to do this:

Create a new texture in Unity by going to Assets > Create > Texture. This will create a new texture asset in your project.

Import the black paint image you want to use as the texture. To do this, go to Assets > Import New Asset and select the image file.

Once the texture has been imported, select the text object in your scene and, in the Inspector panel, click on the “Add Component” button.

In the “Add Component” window, search for “Material” and select the “Material” component. This will add a new material to the text object.

With the material selected, click on the small circle next to the “Albedo” property and select the black paint texture you imported earlier. This will apply the texture to the text object.

The text will now appear to be written in black paint. If the texture is not appearing correctly, you may need to adjust the “Tiling” and “Offset” properties of the material to get the desired effect.

You can also use a shader to create the effect of text written in black paint. Shaders are used to define how materials are rendered in Unity, and they allow you to create custom effects that would not be possible with the standard materials. To create a shader for this effect, you can use the “Surface Shader” template in Unity and modify the code to achieve the desired result. There are many tutorials and resources online that can help you learn how to create shaders in Unity.