Change Text Scale on a Canvas Child from a script.

I am trying to access a Text Child on the canvas, which I tagged “StartButton”. I would like to change the scale of it from a script, which is attached to the Canvas. In that script I attempted the following:

public Text _Text;
public GameObject _Canvas;

void Start()
    _Canvas = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("StartButton");
    _Text = GameObject.Find("_Canvas").GetComponent<Text>();
    _Text.text = "Test";

I’m still fairly new to Unity and I am working on porting a project from Gamemaker Studio. Above I was just attempting to change the text to test, but it is not finding the object. I believe I have to access the Rect Transform in order to change the scale.

I hope I explained it correctly. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

Why using find when you can just set up the text and the canvas in the inspector?

I assume your hierarchy is → Canvas → Text

Instead of GameObject.Find(“_Canvas”).GetComponent().
Use GameObject.Find(“_Canvas”).GetComponentInChildren().
Do note that this will work correctly if only one text is a child of canvas.

Also for scale, use:

public float scale;    // will show in inspector

_Text.GetComponent<RectTransform>().localScale = * scale;