Change the bundleID of Standalone Mac OS x application


How can I change the bundle identifier of MAC OS x application ?

After generating MAC OS x application from Unity, the value of bundle Identifier in Info.plsit (…\\Contents) is always “unity.Unity Technologies.AngryBot”.

it is not possible to change the bundle identifier of OS x application from Unity ? if it is true how can I set it ?

I try to sign my app with this command :

codesign --force -s "$certifName" -i "$bundleID"  "./$"

but it always the same problen, The value of bundle identifier in Info.plist dosen’t change.


Edit → Project Settings → Player → Open the iOS Tab in the Inspector → Open ‘Other Settings’ → there you got the bundle identifier :slight_smile:

Rightclick your, choose “Show Package Contents” and open “/Contents/Info.plist” with xCode. There you can change the bundle identifier.