Change the default script template?

Is it possible to change the default template that unity uses to create a script?

Sure you can ;)

Just go into your Unity-installation-folder and navigate to "/Editor/Data/Resources/". There you will find all templates.

  • NewBehaviourScript.cs
  • NewBehaviourScript.js
  • NewShader.shader

And even `UnityObject.Source.js` and `UnityObject.js` that are used in the webplayer's html page.

As of Unity 3.4, they are now located here (Mac):


For Unity 4.3 on PC it is

C/E/F:/Program Files (x86)/Unity/Editor/Data/Resources/ScriptTemplates

  1. Create Assets/ScriptTemplates to override built-in templates on a per-project basis.
  2. Reopen the project

If anyone is using the new Linux editor and wondering where these templates are located, you can find them in the following directory:


You’ll probably need to go root to modify them, but it works!