change the forward, or maybe normalize forward, depending on rotation

I’m prototyping a skateboarding game so I need the board to continue to travel quite a distance after the force has been applied so I’ve got friction and mass down and using

	public float moveSpeed;					// forward speed
	public float rotateSpeed;				// speed when turning
	public float jumpSpeed;					// force applied to a jump
	public Rigidbody boardbody; 			// call the rigidbody
	private bool isGrounded;				// raycast to the ground
	private bool isNotGrounded;				// raycast to the ground
	private Quaternion xrotation;			// trying to normalize forward
	private Quaternion rotCur;				// Quat for alignment

         void Move()
		// forward
		if (Input.GetButton ("A") && isGrounded)
			boardbody.AddForce (transform.forward * moveSpeed);
		// slowdown
		if (Input.GetButton ("B") && isGrounded)
			boardbody.AddForce (-transform.forward * (moveSpeed / 2));

to go forward and slowdown which is working nicely. I’ve got a few rotation things to tilt and to properly rotate, for example my rotation >>

	void Rotate()
		if (isGrounded)
			float rotateAroundX = Input.GetAxis ("LeftStickX") * rotateSpeed;
			Quaternion xrotation = Quaternion.Euler (0, rotateAroundX, 0);
			boardbody.MoveRotation (boardbody.rotation * xrotation);

However, after I stop applying forward motion with (“A”) the rotation no longer effects the “forward” or rather I should say if not holding down (“A”) then the board just spins (rotates correctly lol) and continues traveling in whatever direction.

I’d like the board to change its “forward” (I think that verbalizes what I’m aiming for) while continuing to coast or “roll” forward even if I’m not holding down the (“A”)

I started another method to try to maybe normalize the forward or update it I’m not sure what I need to do but his is where I am at

void FixForward()	// set apply forward magnitude to new rotation angle
		if (isGrounded)
			Vector3 targetForward = xrotation * Vector3.forward;


because a Quaternion isn’t really a vector right so I tried to define one. I am just not sure how to apply it, when I do something like >boardbody.transform.rotation = targetForward * moveSpeed;< I get a constant force that pushes the board ha ha and it flies off the world.

I’m sure it has to do with the fact that I’m applying forces to transform rather than world space V3, Anyway if you guys have any ideas I really appreciate it!

Well I have a viable solution, and after almost a week of working on this one problem I’m pretty happy to move on, I added this method:

void FIxForward()	// set apply forward magnitude to new rotation angle
		if (boardbody.velocity.magnitude < 3.0f) {
			isMoving = false;
		else if (boardbody.velocity.magnitude > 3.0f) {
			isMoving = true;
		if (isMoving && isTurning) {
			boardbody.AddForce (transform.forward * (moveSpeed));
		} else if (isMoving && !isTurning) {
			boardbody.AddForce (transform.forward * 0.0f);

I’ll add a timer or something so eventually the board comes to a stop, but YAY it turns like its supposed to!!