Change the Main Color of a FBX model with Script


I’m trying to change de main color, or the “Element 0” of an FBX model of a car when i press a button in the game.

The problem i have, is that i don’t know how to refer to that parameter in order to change it. Maybe i’m doing it the wrong way, because i try to use renderer.material.color but my model doesnt have a renderer attach to it so i always get the error that my game object doesnt have a renderer, but parts of that model has it (Like de door, the hood, etc).

Is there any way to refer to the car’s part for changing the colors of it? Like when you want to refer to the game object you do:

var car : GameObject;
car = GameObject.Find("porche");

If the door, hood, etc… are child objects, just use the trick to find children: GameObject.Find("car").transform.Find("hood").renderer;

The docs are

That includes the trick for dragging the car into the Inspector, so you can just say pinto.Find("door")....