Change time of day

I am massively impressed with the new procedural skybox in Unity 5.
Creating even the simplest of skyboxes and making it look good was a chore in previous editions, so we are very happy about it.

However, now I’m working on a game where each map is to have three preset times of dat: day, night and evening. So we’ve created three seperate procedural skyboxes and three different light sources, which are to activate and deactivate depending on which time of day is present.
HOWEVER, GI and other visual factors need to bake every time you change these things.
For this reason, I wonder if there is any way to bake several sets of light for the map and then just load the right one when necessary.

Any ideas?

Two ways to go about this…

###Precomputed realtime GI:

###Storing multiple snapshots:

(bottom of the page)

Let me know if this helps :wink: