Change TimeLine clip display name based on parameters

I would like to know if there is a way to change the text being displayed inside the clip on the Timeline editor - primarily based on set parameters - so the we can get some detail of what the clip does at a glance.
For example, it would allow the TextSwitcherClip from the PlayableSample to display what the new text that will be assigned will be.

You can use Clip Editor from Unity 2019.2 or higher

public class MecanimControlClippEditor : ClipEditor
    public override void OnClipChanged(TimelineClip clip)
        var shotClip = (MecanimControlClip)clip.asset;
        if (shotClip == null)
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(shotClip.Template?.stateName))
            clip.displayName = shotClip.Template.stateName;
            clip.displayName = "AnimEmpty";

We will have a better solution out for this problem in a future release, but a workaround for doing this is overriding CreateTrackMixer() in your custom TrackAsset class. Cinemachine is doing something similar `
public override Playable CreateTrackMixer( PlayableGraph graph, GameObject go, int inputCount)
// Hack to set the display name of the clip to match the vcam
foreach (var c in GetClips())
CinemachineShot shot = (CinemachineShot)c.asset;
CinemachineVirtualCameraBase vcam = shot.VirtualCamera.Resolve(graph.GetResolver());
if (vcam != null)
c.displayName = vcam.Name;

        var mixer = ScriptPlayable<CinemachineMixer>.Create(graph);
        return mixer;


Works like a charm , thanks a bunch!