Change value of integer based on string input in a separate script

So I’m trying to make some sort of inventory.

There are two scripts, first changeInv.cs :

public class changeInv : MonoBehaviour {
	public void addInv(string item){
		GameObject inv = GameObject.FindWithTag("Inventory");
	public void removeInv(string item){
		GameObject inv = GameObject.FindWithTag("Inventory");


and Inv.cs :

public class Inv : MonoBehaviour {
	public int solarPanel = 0;
	public int crops = 0;


What I’m trying to do is call for example addInv(“crops”) so that crops integer in Inv.cs is increased by 1.

I’m getting the error “error CS1061: Type Inv' does not contain a definition for item’ and no extension method item' of type Inv’ could be found”

What should I do?

You can’t do what you’re trying to do like that. Instead, consider using a Dictionary, which maps item names to the quantity currently carried. Additionally, I see no point in having the inventory code spread out among two classes. So here is how I would do the inventory you are attempting.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;
public class Inventory : MonoBehaviour {
	private Dictionary<string,int> inventory = new Dictionary<string,int>();
	public void addItem(string item){
    public void removeItem(string item){
		if(inventory.ContainsKey(item) && inventory[item] > 0)