Change variable value using new UI Button

Basically what I am trying to achieve is changing the variable value when I click a button.
This is the code where I change the variable through a function

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

public class LocalPlayer : MonoBehaviour
    //Define All Classes
    public int playerClass;

    public void RunnerClassValue() { playerClass = 1; }
    public void KillerClassValue() { playerClass = 2; }
    public void SpectatorClassValue() { playerClass = 3; }

    void Update()
        Debug.Log("PlayerClass: " + playerClass);

Image with the button to see that I set the correct function
alt text

Basically the problem is that in the update the Debug keeps display 0 instead of 1 or 2 or 3 after I click the button. If I add a debug in the function it displays the function value but not in update.

it’s been more than a year i know, but i actually was facing the same problem until very recently. So i’m posting this to anyone who, like me, is having trouble with that. I Actually used the SendMessage() function to call another function in the script attached to the game object i was trying to access. So here’s my suggestion.

You should add the following script to your button prefab:

**using** UnityEngine;
**using** System.Collections;
**using** UnityEngine.UI;

public class ButtonTest : MonoBehaviour {

	Button button = null;
	string tag;

	void Start () 
		button = gameObject.GetComponent<Button>();
		button.onClick.AddListener(() =>{Click();});
		tag = transform.tag;

	void Click () 
		switch (tag) 
		case "Runner":
			GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("player").SendMessage ("RunnerClassValue");
		case "Killer":
			GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("player").SendMessage ("KillerClassValue");
		case "Spectator":
			GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("player").SendMessage ("SpectatorClassValue");

so basically the line GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(“player”).SendMessage (“SpectatorClassValue”); will look for any game object with the tag “player”, look in his components for the functions put as argument in the SendMessage and call them.

Ok so I just found out why it doesn’t work.
Basically LocalPlayer script is attached to a PlayerPref which will get instantiated when I press Play. Any way to fix that?