Change Volume Sizing - native window stretch controls?

Is it possible to at runtime change volume sizing?

Or enable native window stretch controls?

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Seriously, no one else wants to have their volume window size changed?

The OS does not provide a way to “scale” volumes the same way to does Windows. If you build a windowed 2D app it should have the window stretch controls.

You can change the volume configuration at runtime but only to the pre-defined sizes in your configurations.

Do non cube volumes work? When I try changing dimensions of the volume to rectangular, for example 2x1x5 the entire object gets stretched?

Yes non cubes work, was this using Play-To-Device or a standalone build? There’s a known issue with Play-To-Device and non cube volume configurations.

on device standalone

have not been able to use play to device on production device

5 might be too large of a value, the OS has some logic around the sizing of volumes. I’d try smaller non-square sizes and see if your content still gets stretched.

Is it possible to simply have it switch to unbounded from bounded when the bounded dimensions exceed?

There isn’t really a defined maximum volume size since it is somewhat dependent on the users physical space.

There are volume camera events that you can subscribe to and add custom logic for what you’re describing. See the docs here.

I’m confused at when some of the callbacks work - OnWindowResized - had thought that the volumes cannot be resized at runtime (?)

If you assign a new configuration to the volume camera in the scene it will close the current volume, give the OnWindowResized call back and open the new window with the new configuration size.

Okay, just to make sure I understand, so this means that you can resize the volume by assigning a new configuration (at runtime)?

yes that is correct.

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