Change which eye is rendered on desktop in VR?

80% of the population is right eye dominant, but Unity renders the left eye, ruining game-play videos for right eye dominant people.

Is there a setting somewhere to change which eye is rendered on the desktop?

I do not know of any way to do this in the unity gameview, but in the headset mirror, which you can turn on by clicking the the steamvr button in the topleft corner of the steam vr application, and then clicking mirror display. You can do this be clicking the menu button and selecting right eye only. this should be good enough for streaming videos.

I hope this helps

Its how unity games are programmed, there is option for programmers to click on camera stereoTargetEye : right, but they never does that.

Totally agree with this. Most of people right handed, and if you want to stream your gameplay of any 1st person shooting game it renders your left eye, so people who watching stream don’t see your direct zooming/ironsite/scope view when you getting your weapon close enough using your right eye to aim. They see weapon from aside as it being rendered from left eye instead. There definitely should be an option for that.