Changeable Image

Hi, I have a drawing app on the app store and I would like to add a ‘featured image’ to the homepage.
I want it to:

  • update without me re-publishing the app
  • easily changeable
  • I can link to a website image but if I change the image the link name obviously changes…

I have looked into making a webview but this seems overly complicated for what I would like to do but i’m not sure of any other way around it? does anybody have any ideas/ advice?



Following solutions not tested, just an idea:

  1. Send request from Unity to webpage (php, ruby, python, whatever you use on your webserver)
  2. Webpage returns content of image you can change (PHP’s imagejeg function or fread to get the bytes). You can change this image from your web server without recompiling the game
  3. Unity receives response and creates the texture from the response
  4. Create the sprite from the texture and display it

Other solution: use addressable system: you’ll need to make your game able to retrieve an addressable asset first. Then, use the addressable system to update the content of the addressable asset.

Thanks for the response, ill look into the addressable assets but to be honest both of these solutions seem out of my comfort zone.